This is a just a picture post.

The dogs had a 730p seating.
Abbie inspects her plate to indicate she has been kept waiting too long.
Can’t take her eyes off the prize
Lizzie exudes more of a general melancholic longing
Fish so good Abbie’s almost cross-eyed
Lizzie bites the chopsticks every time
When the food takes too long to cool down
Lizzie is fully lying down
I sneak some pets and kisses since they gotta love me now
It’s cake time!
Cake induced aggression lol
You should definitely always look intently at your cake while taking big huge bites
Abbie got way too excited
“What’s a party if I don’t end up on some table top?” – Abbie, probably

Anddd that’s all, thanks for looking.

Lizzie’s 5th Birthday Hot Pot Party
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