Dispatches from Camping # 1

The young woman who had seen the wind in my hair is dead She had been driving a car we shared a lifetime ago And she was just crazy enough to let me hang part way out of the front

Trying Something New

For months now, maybe even close to a year, I’ve been gently nudging Mini to post some of her really wonderful poetry on here (don’t worry, she’s fairly compensated!) but she’s understandably shy & rather busy too. So I thought

4 Years.

Today makes year 4 since my sister Amanda (the OG Dr. Wise Money) committed suicide. Today I’ve made my bed, put away laundry, organized my spare closet, and taken a bath. Later I’m going to paint my nails for the

Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper on Grief

I’m staying in as much as possible to do my part in helping to curb the spread of Covid-19. Found a YouTube gem today. Little silver linings.

A snippet from every book I read so far in 2020

I used to post a lot of first lines and final lines, but have fallen off since last year. I’m finally accepting that– for me– attempting to update on preset days (see also Poetry Ptuesday, which doesn’t even alliterate for

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 3, or, Double Love.

Today I learned about Mini and Grandma’s (i.e. the mother of yours truly here) “double love”. Side note: a bit of background, my late sister Amanda’s Chinese name, Wu Shuang, plainly translated, meant “no double”. The phrase derives from “tian

Thoughts for a Thursday – Dear Amanda

True to her seemingly tireless nature, and owing sadly to her mania, in addition to everything else she did, my sister Amanda was also a (self-)published author of several books. The Young Physician’s Guide to Money and Life stands apart

It Is Completely Okay to Speak Ill of the Dead

Hundreds of people reached out to me after Amanda’s frighteningly sudden suicide.   Elementary, middle and high school friends of hers from Taipei emailed me. Former teachers and professors from her high school in LA tracked me down. Her colleagues

Two Year Review

The editing page reminds me that I began this draft on 08/30/18, and true to my sputtering fashion, The-Two-Year-Mark has come and pass, and here we finally are.

From Name All the Animals by Alison Smith

These phrases rattled around inside me. I had no name for the feelings they conjured up. Like captions for a set of lost photographs, I knew what the individual words meant, but I didn’t know what to attach them to.

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