The best thing I read on the internet – 07/28/22

To my family, strive to be in community, so that when this day comes, you will not feel like you have been undone.

5 Year Non-Review

This November there seems to be nothing to say. – Anne Sexton That covers it I guess. Some links: something else I’d written earlier this month the 4 year review 3 years and Thanksgiving Two Year Review (that was several

November Always Is Not Easy

November always is not easyMany poets have remarked on this I will say, however, in fairnessIt’s not as though it was only ever windyor that the rain wouldn’t ceaseWe saw the sunWe saw the moonLight remainscreeping away earlier in the

After 10 Years Together

I have realized thatNo, losing you would not belike losing the sunI already knowthat the world and of course even I would go onIt would not be like losing airI would not simply drown Might it be like losing the

Dispatches from Camping # 1

The young woman who had seen the wind in my hair is dead She had been driving a car we shared a lifetime ago And she was just crazy enough to let me hang part way out of the front

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