5 Ways to Optimize Wealth Building Before Your First Attending’s Check

A dollar invested in PGY1 has nearly one more doubling time compared to that 6-10 year-later-invested dollar in your first few attending years. And if you invest this PGY1 dollar in post-tax vehicles such as Roth IRA or Roth 401k,

DWM Grand Rounds #1: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance

DWM Grand Rounds #1: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance

Title: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance & Physician Support Initiative   Highlights: Student loan management Public Service Loan Forgiveness Maximize Tax Efficiency/ Investment Return Physician Support Initiative P.S.I.   Date & Time:                                                              Location: July 6th, 2016 12-1 pm        

Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) or Refinance?

This is an in-depth discussion about whether to go for Revised Paye As You Earn (REPAYE) or refinance your student loans with private banks like DRB or LinkCapital. Reader wrote: “My current thought is if someone wants to stay and

RePaye vs. Paye vs. IBR vs. Refinance

RePaye vs. Paye vs. IBR vs. Refinance

      Dear MS4 around the world: Congratulations for coming this far! This is your match day/ early medical school graduation present from DWM. This chart will serve you throughout your residency & fellowship. I will continue to update this chart

Refinance Your Student Loans to as Low as 1.95%

    Recently, a friend of mine from Touro University- CA who’s now a practicing pharmacist refinanced her student loans with First Republic Bank (FRB) to a 15 year fixed 3.5% interest rate loan (she refinanced before the feds adjusted

Lowest Interest Rate in the Student Loan Refinancing Market!

        A few weeks ago, I learned of the best interest rates in the student loan refinancing market, from First Republic Bank (FRB). Reached out to them, here’s the scoop. More detailed post to come.   Instead of the 6.8% interest

Best of Both Worlds: More Cash Now & Lower Costs

I have been hearing from many of my co-residents that they are barely making ends meet each month, paying for rent or mortgage, student loan, food, childcare costs, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow we can free up some cash either

Student Loan Refinance 101

After writing up my first peer-to-peer presentation on personal finance for PGY’s, I decided to divide the presentation up into 2-3 posts as these slides illustrate important points. Since high interest rate student loan is one of the MAJOR way

What should I do? 350k @ 6.8% interest rate, 3 more years of training.

What should I do? 350k @ 6.8% interest rate, 3 more years of training.

I recently met a colleague in the surgical field, who’s in his 4th year of training, with 3 more years to go. His numbers may apply to many at the same level of training. I figure I can take this

Not going for PSLF? Why wait to lower your interest rate?

If you are quite sure that you will not go for PSLF, why not lower your interest rate TODAY and benefit form the savings now until the day you pay it off? Reasons you decided to turn away from PSLF my

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