Updated 4/14

Good Industry/Occupation Notes Bad Industry/Occupation Notes
Pope Francis public figure emergency fund for poorer country Rush Limbaugh public figure continues to downplay Covid-19
CVS Health Corp retail ramp up drive-thru testing Goodyear manufacturing employees to use vacation and sick time during shutdown
Marshall School of Pharmacy education make andd donate hand sanitizer Boeing transportation employees to use vacation and sick time during shutdown
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation nonprofit donation to build factories to pursue vax David Perdue public figure bought stock in PPE day of Covid-19 briefing
BT telecom no furlough or termination for 3 months NRA lobbyist took to court to force gun stores in CA open
Allstate insurance return premium to drivers as driving is down Newark Beth Israel Medical Center hospital suspends nurse who raised money to buy PPE
Apple tech produce 1M masks/week Broadridge Financial Institution finance forcing people to work despite symptoms
IBM tech unveil new AI for fight against Covid-19 Performace Supply distributor price gouging, 3M to sue
Lady Gaga public figure concert raise $35M for relief NY Presbyterian hospital threatening employees who protest lack of PPE
YouTube tech battle fake news and conspiracy theories Elon Musk public figure no delivery on promised ventilators
EA tech $2M to relief fund
Nashville Predators sports $700k to local nonprofit
Turbotax tech free tool to help Americans file for benefits
Huawei tech donates PPE
Little Ceasar food & drink donates 1M pizzas
Master P public figure donate sanitizer and home cleaning to elderly
McDonald’s food & drink donates 1M masks
Mercedes Benz manufacturing makes breathing aid, provides blueprint for others
WhatsApp tech limit message forwarding to curb minsinformation
Delta Airlines transportation donates food to hospitals and food banks
Costco retail priority access for HCW and first responders
Tyler Perry public figure donates groceries
Jack Dorsey tech donates $1B
Liam Payne public figure donates meals to food banks
Eli Lilly healthcare caps insulin at $35 co-pay
SL Benfica sports donates PPE
Farmers insurance reduces rates
Canada Goose retail make and provide PPE at cost
Southampton FC sports cut manager and player pay to support staff
Sean McLoughlin public figure raised donations for relief funds
Premier League sports “Player Together” donates to NHS
Reach Wireline manufacturing makes protection for HCW
U2 public figure donates to support Irish HCW
D’Addario manufacturing to make PPE for HCW
Pizza Hut food & drink donate books and pizza to students
Snoop Dogg public figure donates Beyond Burgers to hospitals
Sony Playstation tech free play at home

Updated 4/5

Good Industry/Occupation Notes Bad Industry/Occupation Notes
Monzo / Tom Blomfield bank CEO no pay for a year, senior management pay cut PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center (Bellingham, WA) healthcare fires doctor for criticism of pandemic response
Kaiser Permanente healthcare guide to making and using face masks Cleveland Clinic healthcare warns HCW not to wear masks in public areas
Mercedes Benz India manufacturing turning housing into makeshift hospital Airlines for America Lobbyist refuses to gather passenger data to help in pandemic
Best Buy retail pay employees while remaining closed International Air Transport Association Lobbyist refuses to gather passenger data to help in pandemic
Elton John public figure at home concert raises $8M for Covid-19 relief Frazier Healthcare Partners/Alteon Health healthcare slash salaries, PTO and retirement benefits for HCW
Aimbridge Hospitality hospitality provide lodging for potentially + HCW Hatfield and Company manufacturing price gouging PPE
Trestle Health & Housing consulting provide lodging for potentially + HCW Church of Scientology staying open despite stay in place orders
Nike manufacturing making PPE for HCW Appalachian Regional Healthcare healthcare furlough HCW
Regeneron manufacturing donates test kits Vital Silver healthcare continues elective surgeries, reprimand doctors who express concern
Corning manufacturing donates supplies Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd. scam selling snake oil “cure”
Off The Plate nonprofit meals for HCW and essential workers Xephyr LLC / N-Ergetics; scam selling snake oil “cure”
American College of Veterinarian Emergency & Critical Care pet donate ventilators GuruNanda LLC scam selling snake oil “cure”
Starbucks retail employees paid thru 5/3 Vivify Holistic Clinic scam selling snake oil “cure”
Dolly Parton public figure donation Herbal Amy Inc scam selling snake oil “cure”
Christian Siriano public figure factory transitioned to mask making Samaritan’s Purse religious set up Central Park tent hospital, refuses LGBTQ+ patients
GM manufacturing factory retooled to make PPE, ventilators, to be sold at cost Lake Granbury Hospital healthcare fires nurse for wearing mask
National WWI Museum and Memorial (Kansas City, MO) museum pay employees to WFH digitizing archives HCA Healthcare healthcare does not provide adequate PPE to HCW
Lamborghini manufacturing make PPE to donate Lowe’s retail “spring black friday” “doorbusters” (in store only)
Sony manufacturing donates $100M Worldwide Janitor retail price gouging PPE
Samsung manufacturing donates smartphones to quarantined patients Publix retail employees told not to wear masks as it scares customers
Mozilla tech funding open source tech projects to tackle Covid-19
Metallica public figure donates $350K
Eleven Madison Park hospitality feed first responders
Jeff Bezos public figure $100M to Feeding America
Oprah Winfrey public figure $10M donation
Springer Nature education make textbooks free to educators parents and students
Atletico Madrid sports players take 70% paycut to support workers
Uber transportation $1M in rides and food for HCW and first responders
HBO entertainment free streaming content
Pink public figure $1M donation
Guy Fieri public figure relief fund for impacted restaurant workers
National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum museum donate 20% profit to pandemic relief
Tata Group hospitality open hotels to HCW
NC State University education making masks
New Balance retail make PPE to donate
TD Bank finance cut CC interest rates
Royal Bank of Canada finance cut CC interest rates
National Bank of Canada finance cut CC interest rates
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce finance cut CC interest rates
La Ciguena hospitality house refugee and homeless
Xavi Hernandez public figure $1.08M to hospitals
Mahindra hospitality opens kitchen to feed needy
ExxonMobil energy make/provide PPE at cost
Eastern Airlines transportation bringing home Americans stranded abroad
GSK manufacturing $10M donation
Ayers Hotel hospitality house covid+ homeless

Updated 3/31

Good Industry/Occupation Reason Bad industry Reason
&Pizza food & drink free meals for HCW, increase pay, sick leave 24 Hour Fitness retail blocks members from canceling or pausing membership
3M manufacturing make ventilator Air BnB hospitality refuse refunds for cancellations due to Covid-19
Akshay Kumar public figure donation Amazon retail/tech not providing PPE, firing workers for strike
Alex Ohanian tech buys Times Sq ad for covid-19 PSA Beaumont Health hospital employees to use sick or PTO for covid 19
Apple tech donates stockpiled N95 Gamestop retail claiming to be “essential business”
Audible tech free books Hobby Lobby retail claiming to be “essential business”
Bauer manufacturing make PPE Instacart retail/tech no PPE, no sick leave
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation nonprofit donates test kits Jerry Falwell Jr public figure refused to close Liberty Uni against mandate
Bill Ackerman public figure advocate national shutdown Jim Bakker public figure selling snake oil “cure”
Bill Gates public figure advocate national shutdown JoAnn’s retail claiming to be “essential business”
Brooks Brothers retail make PPE McDonald’s food & drink no paid sick leave for sick employees
Busch Beer food & drink “foster a dog, get busch” Menards retail price gouging
Carnival cruise ship offers cruise ships for use as hospitals Mount Sinai West hospital failure to provide adequate PPE for staff
Columbia clothing & accessories CEO pay cut New York Sports Club retail blocks members from canceling or pausing membership
Conor McGregor public figure donation Perdue Farms food & drink no PPE for employees
Curevac med refuse exclusive deal with USA for vax Royal Philips N.V. / Trilogy Evo Universal manufacturing received U.S. tax incentive to build low-cost ventilators, sells to highest bidder
Decathalon retail donates PPE Rural Hospital Group Consolidated LLC hospital closes Kansas town’s only hospital amid Covid-19
Four Seasons hospitality free lodging for HCW in Manhattan Sen. Kelly Loeffler public figure stock dumping on privileged information
Harbor Freight retail donates PPE Sen. Richard Burr public figure stock dumping on privileged information
Hot Topic retail voluntary shutdown, continues to pay employees Starbucks food & drink claiming to be “essential business”
Huawei tech donates PPE Stony Brook University Hospital hospital disciplines employee for speaking to media about PPE shortage
IKEA retail make PPE U of Washington hospital employees to use sick or PTO for Covid-19
Jack Ma/Alibaba tech donates PPE, test kits Urban Outfitters retail (ecommerce campus) staying open despite + cases
Jose Andres food & drink turn restaurants into soup kitchens for the needy Utah Jazz sports testing entire team when testing kits in extreme shortage
Mark Cuban public figure advocate national shutdown Walt Disney World retail staying open despite rising infection rates, no refunds after closure
Microsoft tech hourly employees paid despite no work
Nintendo tech donates PPE
Nordstrom retail make PPE
NY Times media no paywall for covid-19 coverage
Parkdale Mills Inc manufacturing make PPE
Plague Inc tech donation
Pope Francis public figure cancels public appearances, streams them instead
Pornhub tech donation
Publix grocer rent relief
Ralph Lauren retail donation
Razer tech make PPE
Seattle Times media no paywall for covid-19 coverage
Service Employees International Union United Healthcare Workers West Union donates PPE
Sony/Playstation tech WFH with pay for those who can’t work
Taco Bell food & drink paid sick leave
Texas Roadhouse food & drink CEO pay cut
Tide manufacturing free laundry for HCW
Underarmour clothing & accessories make PPE
Xiaomi tech donates PPE