The Resourcefulness of Ants

I am not runned down
No, I am not ragged
Certainly I have been at sea
Yes, I could be found
at any given time
Wiggling out my whole life
at the bottom of all the interchangeably deep, long, & unfathomable valley in existence
as if my own completely meaningless & perfectly purposeful line of impossibly tiny ants

But in my heart is my home and I know where I’m going¹
I know how to find food, over and over again²
I can smell death, all the time³
And I have always known how to heal injuries and perform amputations⁴

No, I do not feel lost
Yes, even when I find myself at sea


1) From the French National Center for Scientific Research: Ants Have a Mighty Sense of Direction

2) From the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienes: Chaos-order transition in foraging behavior of ants

3) From LiveScience: Ants Can Smell Death

4) From The Smithsonian: Carpenter Ants Perform Life-Saving Amputations to Treat Leg Injuries

No Working Title

Be careful when you go
looking for the painful, improbable answer
to the question of forgiveness

You might end up
taking someone
who never meant to go there

Be careful when you go
on long, difficult searches
for what you think you deserve

Be so careful,
that you don’t end up
with nothing left to mourn
what you lost along the way

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the one who walked past the bridge

birds flying past leaving no trace