A Wish

A Wish

I had a thought:I want to keep a birdNo, I want to meet a birdBetter yet, know him I don’t want to buy a cagelook up information on pelletsfret over finding an avian vetI only want to see a flutterof


A long time ago I read a haiku: serendipity is a five syllable word happy accident And last night I finally came up with my own part II: obliteration is a five syllable word mere coincidence Anyway that’s it, that’s

Black Friday Blackout!!!

So, this is pretty antithetical to my old role (sale finder!) when this blog was still under Amanda’s helm, but today, after many of us have given our thanks yesterday no less, I would like to urge any readers out

5 Year Non-Review

This November there seems to be nothing to say. – Anne Sexton That covers it I guess. Some links: something else I’d written earlier this month the 4 year review 3 years and Thanksgiving Two Year Review (that was several

November Always Is Not Easy

November always is not easyMany poets have remarked on this I will say, however, in fairnessIt’s not as though it was only ever windyor that the rain wouldn’t ceaseWe saw the sunWe saw the moonLight remainscreeping away earlier in the

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