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Be careful when you go looking for the painful, improbable answer to the question of forgiveness You might end up taking someone who never meant to go there Be careful when you go on long, difficult searches for what you

Two Haikus from Last Year

Dons of Ants, petty emperors of little nothings (12/06/2023)   山頭的日落日出 路過橋的人 鳥飛了不留痕跡   (the sunrises and sunsets of the mountain peak the one who walked past the bridge birds flying past leaving no trace 12/27/2023)

From We Measure the Earth with Our Bodies (2)

Has this always been our family’s fate? To begin together in a few years of happiness only to break into so many shards? Reaching out my hand in the dark again, I hold my sister’s wrist. This wrist– this small

From “We Measure the World with Our Bodies” by Tsering Yangzom Lama

This is my sister’s nature. But I want to tell her: In the next life, yes, we can both go wherever we please. In the next life, we will be free and safe and happy. We will grow under our