A Thing That Happened at Home the Other Day

A Thing That Happened at Home the Other Day

In June we’d lost our old boy, Beta. We thought we were done with cats because we had already had the best one ever. Finally, last Saturday the boy and I stopped by Morris Animal Refuge to inquire about donating

Dispatches from Camping # 1

The young woman who had seen the wind in my hair is dead She had been driving a car we shared a lifetime ago And she was just crazy enough to let me hang part way out of the front

Little Good Things Growing

One of my favorite sayings of Amanda’s was always “invest in things that grow”, and it just so happened we left our high rise apartment dwelling in the winter after she took her own life, and for the first time

Trying Something New

For months now, maybe even close to a year, I’ve been gently nudging Mini to post some of her really wonderful poetry on here (don’t worry, she’s fairly compensated!) but she’s understandably shy & rather busy too. So I thought

Another Gem for The Day

“I accept my emotions and I allow them to serve their purpose.” – Tiana Major9

That’s all, that’s the whole post.

Elizabeth Holmes Andrea Circle Bear Diana Sanchez If your feminism doesn’t acknowledge how gender based oppression is compounded with racial subjugation, then equality is not what you’re really about. That’s all.

For Messy Girls

“Then of course there’s the gender piece of the way that I was shamed for just living in chaos all the time. Because there is this idea, and this is why I’m such a good feminist, because I’m such a

Thinking of Amanda today

It’s now a year on since the Covid-19 pandemic shut down major cities in China, and that same pandemic & its tandem economic downturn has led to a lot of talk about Medicare for All and cancelling student loan debts

The Truth in Black and White: An Apology from the Kansas City Star

So yesterday the Kansas City Star shared a monumental piece, the first of many they hope. This is how it began: Today we are telling the story of a powerful local business that has done wrong. For 140 years, it

4 Years.

Today makes year 4 since my sister Amanda (the OG Dr. Wise Money) committed suicide. Today I’ve made my bed, put away laundry, organized my spare closet, and taken a bath. Later I’m going to paint my nails for the

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