Hi there,

I’m Elva, and I run things here. I am neither a doctor nor a personal finance guru. The name of this blog came from my sister, Amanda. This used to be hers. This is an “About” page she created. You can find all her posts under the author tag Dr. Wise Money; additionally she created all of the pages under “DWM Archived Pages”.


Amanda christened me with the moniker Wise Money Shopper. These are all my posts, and the below will catch you up:

2015: Amanda’s first ever post

2016: my first ever post / Amanda’s most popular post from 2016

2017: dear readers / Amanda’s last pre-scheduled post in 2017 

2018: better to do / two year review

2019: revamping categories / dear amanda / 3 years and Thanksgiving

2020: I tried to blog everyday for 365 days of gratitude but soon failed.


I like animals, books, plants, and puzzles. I am working on myself in therapy. I like blogging and crafting even though I struggle to keep at them. I used to (online) shop a lot, but not much anymore. I’m trying to spend less time on Netflix and YouTube. I want to listen to music more and learn how to quilt.

But enough about me. Starting in early 2020, Mini joined me here. You can find her posts under the pen name Eli. In her own words:



I’m Dr.WiseMoney’s daughter, Mini or Eli. I’m 12 years old and I just recently started posting on the blog. When I’m not at school I like to draw and play basketball. I’m interested in music, reading, fashion, movies/television etc. I’m currently reading the Predator’s Ball as well as watching American Horror Story on Netflix. I can’t wait to use blogging as a way for me to share my journeys with you!


Christina K. is another oft-seen guest blogger around these parts. She is a lovely woman and friend with whom I attended community college and undergrad. You can also catch her travels on Instagram. In the future I hope to feature my best friend who is a cardiothoracic surgeon, and a select number of others.

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