From Can’t and Won’t by Lydia Davis

I came across this:     “The Child” She is bending over her child. She can’t leave her. The child is laid out in state on a stable. She wants to take one more photograph of the child, probably the

From Your Heart Is A Muscle the Size of A Fist by Sunil Yapa

“There where they learned that courage is not the ability to face your fear, heroically, once, but is the strength to do it day after day.”

From Name All the Animals by Alison Smith (2)

We toured the city, looking for summer work as a cashier, a waiter, a groundskeeper, anything. I saw parts of Rochester that I had never seen before. After four hours of driving around and searching, filling out application forms against

From Name All the Animals by Alison Smith

These phrases rattled around inside me. I had no name for the feelings they conjured up. Like captions for a set of lost photographs, I knew what the individual words meant, but I didn’t know what to attach them to.