Mini Wise Money’s College Fund: Selection, Final 4

Mini Wise Money’s 529 Finalists:   The Vanguard 529 Savings Plan Nevada Nevada ‘s Vanguard 529 Savings Plan is administered by Ascensus College Savings but carries the Vanguard brand and features a wide offering of Vanguard mutual funds in its age-based

Financial Independence at 38 (year 2023)

Let’s first talk about why I won’t retire at 38, even though I can. That’s less than 3 years out of fellowship. It would be the beginning of my professional prime as a radiologist. I’d like to use my skills and

Mini’s College Fund, 529: Intro Part II

Mini’s College Fund, 529: Intro Part II

Broker Sold 529 plans: In addition to fees mentioned in the prior post, you pay even more fees with broker-sold 529 plans. Personally, I will not go through a broker, but I’ve included information for completion’s sake. Additional fees that reduces your

Q&A with Dr. Unger M.D. Radiologist-Inventor-Entrepreneur

I’ve had the honor and pleasure to interview Dr. Unger M.D., an outstanding research radiologist-inventor-entrepreneur after destroying the long list of study on ultrasound service. He has a wonderful wife, 4 successful children, 3 companies, and over 113 issued US

Misery to Joyfulness… Life as PGY (1 is infinitely better than 0)

I started radiology residency full of hopes and dreams on July 1st, 2015. I thought radiologists are the happiest and nerdiest bunches of doctors in the whole hospital. Sipping coffee, listening to Pandora station in a precisely dimmed room (dark