All the Right Plastics in All the Right Places.

All the Right Plastics in All the Right Places.

  I love credit cards. They have helped me pay for medical school expenses/tuition on 0% APR, reduced my overall med school debt by 60k in interest, given me lots of cash back & rewards, allowed me to channel my cash flow into my retirement and Mini’s

Top 10 Ways Mini Will Pay for Her College… on Her Own (Mostly)

Top 10 Ways Mini Will Pay for Her College… on Her Own (Mostly)

I just started funding Mini’s 529 this year with goal of maxing out first 2 years @ 14k each. I’m front loader in all things I deem worthwhile: studying, investing, or building businesses. Since Mini can be heading to college

Acing Your Credit Score

 Whether you are buying a house, a car, or refinancing student loans, lenders look at your credit scores (from 3 national credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to evaluate the risks they take on by lending you money. Understanding, safe-guarding, and maxing your

Timing Credit Trough’s

Dear Readers, I have a confession to make. I recently got my personal record low credit score of 717 (based on experian credit bureau, my transunion credit score is still 740, but down from 800; haven’t checked my equafax credit score.)

FICO score simulator, awesome tool!

I recently found this tool available to me at my experian account. Pretty useful! Much of what I learned through years of experiences/self education are summarized AND simulated in this tool. Wished that I had this earlier, so I’m eager to

If you don’t stretch your credit, it ain’t gonna grow.

Use it or lose it; my personal take on this idiom: stretch it and grow it. First of all, divide your credit history into “need it” vs. “don’t need it” phases. When you “need your credit,” you want your absolute highest

How I fixed my once BAD & SMALL credit.

I had bad credit once. Someone used my name to open an utility account in San Francisco and decided to leave a $3 balance causing delinquency. I was not aware of it until I pull my annual FREE credit report

When 15 months of 0% interest rate run out…

Here is what I did next, Check my credit score (always, know where you are before you pounce) Apply for a card with good balance transfer offers (fee should not exceed 2-3% for 0% APR of 1 year) If you can

How credit card companies compete to save me interest on student loans :)

With my income of 50k as a medical intern, there is just NO WAY I can pay my student loan down as aggressively as I have been. I graduated from medical school with 51k of student loan. How in the world

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