Net worth building steps in residency Part II

For the super savers, as you have managed to get your 4% employer match, max out your 18k annual contribution limit to 401k/403b, AND max out your 5.5k ROTH IRA. Here are some more steps you can take to build your

Net worth building steps in residency

As residents/ fellows, most of us student loans, personal loans, credit card debt, car payment, mortgage payments, our residency paychecks, potentially moonlighting/ side job income, and a future promising 4-6x of our current income. Since training is a significant chunk

Mortgage payments, biweekly or refinance?

I wrote this post several months ago. As soon as I was liberated from the onerous 6.8% interest of my student loans, I turned my attention to my next most expensive (highest interest) debt. My then mortgage was a doctor’s