22 ways to instantly feel happier

Call a friend or a family member Take a nap  Watch a rom-com Meditate Cuddle with somebody Do a face mask or paint your nails Think of all the things you’re grateful for Bake a cake or cookies and eat

The Law of Attraction

The other day as I took a voluntary trip down the internet rabbit hole, I found a YouTube video about the Law of Attraction and how to implement it. I had no previous knowledge of it, and I found it

6 $ Insights from My Kid’s Flying Lesson

Mini Wise Money’s dad gave her a flight lesson (and more to come) as her return from China trip present. I was honorably chosen to be her passenger while her dad, her grandpa, and our dog Lola observed from the

5 Tips for Back to School Shopping  

Mini Wise Money requests to switch to Basis Tucson Primary. I was surprised because her friends at Sunrise Drive told Mini how much work and how little fun Basis is all about. I asked Mini, “are you sure, don’t you

5 Things Zootopia Taught Us about Money Success

I love the kids’ movie Zootopia. I laughed so hard and cried during that movie, frequently turning towards Mini Wise Money, sharing precious moments of inspiration and up-liftedness with her. It’s incredible what we learn as kids from cartoon movies