I love the kids’ movie Zootopia. I laughed so hard and cried during that movie, frequently turning towards Mini Wise Money, sharing precious moments of inspiration and up-liftedness with her.

It’s incredible what we learn as kids from cartoon movies such as Zootopia actually provides the ground rules for great success, not just limited to finances, in adult life. Zootopia taught and reminded me 6 lessons.

  1. Anyone can be anything.

The essence of the American Dream. However, the monetary inequality with 95% of American wealth concentrated in the hands of 5% Americans has become a self-perpetuating vicious cycle.  So we got to wake us and believe in and act upon “anyone can be anything.”

Join the rich and become creators and leave the consuming poor crowd. Anyone can do this: stop consuming, start creating today.

  1. Try everything.

Mini Wise Money took her first pilot lesson recently, at the tender age of 8. After the initial “how can a kid like me fly a plane?” Mini enjoyed it immensely and talked about flying her parents and family all the world once she gets her license.

If you think it, try it. It’s incredible what a new yoga pose can inspire you to do off the yoga mat, in life.

  1. Our life goal is to make the world a better place.

When we make service our goal, better the world our motivation, money follows us. No need to chase after money. If you are successful and already a millionaire as a money chaser, trust me, you will be exponentially more successful if you chase after the ideals of the little bunny in Zootopia (I want to make the world a better place.)

  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

When Bunny Judy attributed the Zootopia animals reverting to salvage ways to “biology,” she lost sight of the most important principle to success, including financial success: “inclusion and collaboration.” Based on gene pool, we, regardless of color of our skin or cultural backgrounds, are less than 0.5% different from one another across than the entire human race.

We are different yet so much the same. Embrace everyone and learn from them. You will succeed sooner and be happier if you love rather than hate.

  1. Be the change ourselves.

Stop whining about what doesn’t work in our system. Take ownership, volunteer for more responsibilities, be the change you want to see.

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5 Things Zootopia Taught Us about Money Success
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