PSLF is a trap for the wishful.

Some of my friends are going for loan forgiveness. They owe 300-400k at graduation, and will probably owe about 450-600k when they finish residency. They opt to let their debt grow with the 7% interest with hopes of have this debt

A Refreshing and Rewarding Side Job

Say what? Why would you ever want to work more than you already do in med school, and or residency? From my personal experience of always working at least another job in addition to my full time work as a student or

How to increase my savings rate to 50% and more?

Since I just started radiology and got a whooping 2k raise for 2015-2016, time to revisit my budget and see if I can save more efficiently. From my pgy2 income, not including my side job in tutoring, Monthly Pay$4,461.08 Federal