Investment portfolio

My investment portfolio is stupid simple and passive. I buy the US stock market and hold for at least 3 decades. 100% stocks for now, will re-balance as my risk tolerance decreases with age/nearing retirement. I know of an financially

Physician Debt and Net Worth Report 2015

This reports surveyed nearly 20,000 doctors across 26 specialties with margin of error <1%.* Two slides I found particularly informative are: Physicians’ Net Worth by Age “Over 90% of physicians younger than 28 years of age were worth less than $500,000. Net

Employer Match! Great news for UA residents and fellows.

UA used to only match retirement contribution for attending physicians, but starting 7/1/2016 when Banner takes over UA residency, residents and fellows may now get 4% Banner employer match to their retirement accounts, specifically 401k pre-tax account. To get this

Save 10-15% on your annual grocery bill AND fund your ROTH IRA!

Sprouts Farmers Market is selling gift cards at 90 cents on the dollar this coming Wednesday 11/4/2015 (traditionally this promotion happens once a year on the first wed. of November.) So let’s say your household grocery bill is $400/month, you