Confessions of A Sleep-a-phobic

Have you ever wonder how I worked 7 jobs while double-majoring at UC Berkeley, and manage to cook and entertain my friends at my college apartment regularly? How I worked 2 jobs as a single mom medical student? How I

5 Ways Need for Less Felt as Want for More: Perpetuating the Consuming Poor

This post calls out to those who have made it to attending-hood, having experienced and habituated to the great pay raise going from the last day of PGY to first day of attending-hood.   Look back at your life. When were

Big Bad Bank Lesson #1

Big Bad Bank Lesson #1: It Takes (Someone Else’s) Money to Make Money.   People say it takes money to make money. Not true. Just look at the big bad banks. It takes big banks Nothing to make money. What do

5 Myths about the Dr.’s Wife (or Husband)

The 9,000+ views and counting of my recent article 5 myths about doctors our society believes made me realize that we are all interested in raising awareness on the personal and professional life of doctors with the ultimate goal of getting more

5 Ways 8 Year Old Mini Makes Her Own $

5 Ways 8 Year Old Mini Makes Her Own $

IRS is pretty strict about what you can pay your kids for. In a tax audit, paying an 8 year old 10k a year may seem hard to justify. But I think I have a case with my 8 year

Why Low Interest Rates Don’t Matter (Guest Post)

A common question I hear is what to do with money that you are saving for a short-term goal, such as a car replacement, a wedding, or a special trip. Let’s face it – nobody is getting rich off money

Self-Employed Options for Tax-Advantaged Savings

Self-Employed Options for Tax-Advantaged Savings

I enjoy being my own boss, especially after I learn how much American businesses are supported financially from the perspective of tax efficiency. I was also happy to learn more about the awesome flexibility, options, and much higher limits of tax-advantaged savings available

10 Tips to Keep More of Your $

Name of the game, it’s how much you keep, not how much you make. I’m not advocating extreme financial hoarding, I’m advocating smart stewardship of your hard earned dollars. Like WCI always says, physicians have won half of the wealth

Financial Heroes: PoF #1 Champion for Physicians Seeking F.I.R.E.

What do you do for a living? These hands save lives, or something like that. They do place endotracheal tubes, epidural catheters, peripheral nerve blocks, and NG tubes. I’m an anesthesiologist, and I’ve been in practice for a little more

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