365 Days of Gratitude: Birthday Puzzles!

Over the weekend I received a puzzle in the mail for my birthday, as is tradition. (If you’re like me and now need to see it done, here it is.) My new puzzle has books (with punny titles!) and a

365 Days of Gratitude: I mailed out about 2600 seeds!

In 2017 I tried to buy jasmine vine seeds. I had done my research for a climbing perennial (in my zone) that was dog safe for my patio. The seller sent me different seeds, which I only realized when I

365 Days of Gratitude: talk therapy.

Today, I’m grateful for therapy. We had a phenomenal session. My therapist asked me how well has my anxiety served me, and it immediately dawned on me that the true answer is “poorly.” As soon as I saw that, and

365 Days of Gratitude: when things go horribly wrong.

While we were off gallivanting in paradise, our cat Beta hung out at his (former) sitter’s. Late Friday night, he apparently had troubles with a recliner and the sitter’s fiancé? (They did not provide clear details.) When we got back

365 Days of Gratitude: Outdoor Shower

Okay so when I heard we had outdoor showers at the villa and saw this, I was suitably impressed. Most of the rooms here have this indoor/outdoor setup, and it’s the most comfortable shower I’ve ever used. I don’t know

365 Days of Gratitude: Hello from Anguilla!

I would like to never go home please.

365 Days of Gratitude: switching gears

I know, I was having second thoughts, and then promptly stopped updating, ha! I decided that laying in bed at night, dawdling on my phone, trying to sound like a blog post until I either finished or fell asleep, was

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 12, having second thoughts.

One thing I struggle with writing here in general, but that has now been highlighted for me as I’m writing everyday, is staying in the tone of as if I’m speaking out loud. I don’t talk much, and it does

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 11, NY state of mind.

We did get vegan dim sum today!Besides food, I’m also grateful for our pied-á-terre in the city. It’s so nice to have a little foothold of our own and be able to visit any time without dealing with hotel hassle.I

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 10, representation matters.

Today I’m grateful for the movie The Farewell, which we watched for the first time! I loved seeing conversations on screen that I have taken part in so many times in my life. I could relate to the main character,

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