In 2017 I tried to buy jasmine vine seeds. I had done my research for a climbing perennial (in my zone) that was dog safe for my patio. The seller sent me different seeds, which I only realized when I finally planted them last year.

I rarely leave reviews but felt obligated to my fellow plant lovers

After finding out that the seeds are toxic for dogs, I set about meticulously collecting every seed I could. I feared my dogs (let’s be honest, only one of them is a dirt eater) would accidentally ingest these. At the conclusion of the season, I had A LOT of seeds.

It’s… this one

Luck would have it I came across a Reddit post asking for identification of a flower that was a Four O’Clock! I responded that I hoarded an inordinate amount of said seeds and was happy to pay them forward as I did not plan to plant them again this spring. Several people expressed interest so I decided to cut off the list at ten people so everyone would get plenty.

Turns out I did not have to worry about having enough haha

I had a total of 13 people send me their addresses. I ended up dividing my seeds into 14 piles and reserving one for myself. I figured I can probably find places out of my dogs’ reach to plant mine.

I counted one of the piles and it had 200 seeds!

I made origami paper pouches for the seeds and stuffed them in regular letter envelopes. I weighed the envelopes and at .08oz per all I had to pay was one forever stamp for each!

All ready to go!

I sent them out today, and I feel great! I’m glad the shady Amazon seller cheating me out of the right seeds have inadvertently ended up making 13 people happy. Life gives such wonderful turns! Did I mention I had two people offer me seeds in exchange? I simply can’t wait for spring!

365 Days of Gratitude: I mailed out about 2600 seeds!

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