Today I grew rather under the weather again (fever of 102!), but I still have gratitude to express.

I’m grateful I made my flight last night and could make my meeting today to move the project of our forever home forward.

Besides my one necessary excursion, I was lucky I got to stay in bed most of the day. My dogs slept near at hand, and didn’t give me trouble.

I AM fudging and using an older photo because I’m too sick to even meekly hover a phone over this dog right now but trust me when I say she looks rather unchanged compared to the photo taken mere days ago

The boy brought home a humidifier that shoots warm air for me.

I also came home to this little guy who was a surprise, and I’m already in love with it.

Please note that he (desert rose; Adenium obesum) is not pet safe thus will be living out his days well out of the animals’ reach

Despite being practically bed bound, today was reasonably productive and also enjoyable insofar as much as a (true) sick day can be! To tomorrow, y’all!

365 Days of Gratitude, Day 5, from the infirmary.
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