Poem for South African Women by June Jordan

Commemoration of the 40,000 women and children who,  August 9, 1956, presented themselves in bodily protest against  the “dompass” in the capital of apartheid. Presented at The  United Nations, August 9, 1978.   Read the poem here.   And in

Thank Black People for Goodness: The Terrell Show

Thank black people for goodness in the world. They don’t owe it to anyone, have to rise against widespread structural/systemic and white supremacist odds to achieve it, too often aren’t paid enough or at all for it, but they still

Some sort of poem 2

You’re still tonight. I look over my shoulder to watch your stomach rise and fall. I roll over and put my hand under yours, counting the beats. You start to snore and I can close my eyes. -me

Some sort of poem

This can mean whatever you want it to mean. I wrote this about somebody special. Welcome to my crowded mind. We’re on a planeThere’s been turbulenceWe’ve lost someone in the crash Thank youYou put my mask onAnd here we are