Thank black people for goodness in the world. They don’t owe it to anyone, have to rise against widespread structural/systemic and white supremacist odds to achieve it, too often aren’t paid enough or at all for it, but they still give goodness abundantly. The rest of us are just blessed to know that.


Terrell Grice is a YouTube creator who often invites extraordinarily talented singers to play song association. The webisodes are always full of joy, laughter and profound love. Terrell and guests talk about aspirations, faith, mental health, parenthood, and professional goals & setbacks, and they do so with wonderful care and respect, and good fun!


These are some of my favorite episodes.

Evvie McKinney (Finish the Lyrics) Pt 1 highlights for me include her buttery, gorgeous accent, her Mary J. Blige styling homage, and the way she emotes the lyrics she’s singing, and “y’all wait!”

“A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke 17:16-18:20

Evvie McKinney Pt 2 highlights: “Ariana need her check too, don’t come for her check too”, and the sweetest “I will”s I’ve ever heard in my life, “I repent”, “You Better Click!”

“Proud Mary” by Tina Turner 6:57-8:04

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston 10:00-11:22

“Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin 17:02-18:41

Candice Boyd highlights: she has the cutest reactions to Terrell loving her song styling, “when you have a grateful heart and you’re humble, God will take you far.” , “Try again, hoe!”, “I appreciate organic sh*t!”, “He didn’t do nothing, I’m stupid in love right now, cos I’m like if he do something, Imma act crazy”, “I beat that b*tch with a bat, I had to”, “[Tweet] was the idol dark-skinned girl for me growing up, you know [….] it was like her, Kelly Rowland, you know, uhh, some b*tches depending how the light look” (stan a queen with this audacity and range)

“So Gone” by Monica 4:36-4:55

“I Get So Lonely” by Janet Jackson 5:08-5:44

“Stupid” by Toni Braxton 6:11-6:59

Brand New by Jazmine Sullivan 9:27-10:25

“Power in the Blood” 11:15-11:37

“I Need Thee Every Hour” 11:58-12:48

“Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill 19:07-19:51

“Love” by Keyshia Cole 19:52-20:52

“Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder 22:25-22:53

Terrell highlights: “That ain’t how it work, boo”, “when you can’t buy the flavored ones, you just put gummy bears in it”, “A fool got lost”, “Can’t nothing separate you from the Love”, “This is why I stay in my bed and mind my business on Friday nights, cos the enemy comes in disguise”

Inayah Lamis highlights: oil change jingle freestyle, her tongue pops, the way she calls Terrell “friend”, her “Chain Hang Low Remix”, “I don’t know the words, same as the first verse”, “wait a minute, I’m too tough for this sh*t!”, “I had to really get into myself, and start operating in my purpose, in order to get what was always mine anyway”, and her entire Big Freedia story

“How Did You Get Here Remix” by Deborah Cox 6:08-6:32

“More than I Can Bear” by God’s Property, Kirk Franklin 13:19-13:52

“Candy Rain Remix” freestyle by Inayah Lamis 23:00-24:00

Terrell highlights: “buzz her just for that”, “your throat is, practiced”, “do you have a glorified background?”, “balance in life: Jesus, titties”, “if you want to be on top, you gotta beat everybody that has sacrificed something, you have to sacrifice more than everybody else, to be on top”

Inayah Lamis (Bonus), there’s no highlight because this whole video is a highlight! 4:45-5:17 is a LIFE LESSON-UH! PERIODT! For the full impact watch 2:53-5:26. (I had a similar turning point in the past, and I could not have worded it better. It was beautiful and righteous just to hear her say what’s true.)

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Thank Black People for Goodness: The Terrell Show