elephant mom n kid

8-year-old Mini Wise Money commands a stronger grasp of personal finance than Dr. Wise Money had in her late 20’s. DWM feels lucky in this respect as it’s every mother’s hope for her child to surpass her in wisdom, integrity, and life fulfillment.

Without Dr. Wise Money, Mini Wise Money will not be where she is today; without her parents, Dr. Wise Money will not be where she is today either.


This is a page dedicated to Dr. Wise Money’s parents, who though did not exemplify success in money matters, taught DWM more precious life lessons such as focus, resourcefulness, gratitude, optimism, and compassion.


Both DWM’s mom and dad are unconventional, atypical, non-mainstream Chinese Taiwanese parents. DWM’s mom told her she can pursue any career, including fusion or novel career paths she could envision for herself, BUT not medicine. DWM’s mom thinks given DWM’s empathic nature, she could not survive a career full of watching and caring for suffering & dying patients.

DWM’s dad didn’t care when DWM was ranked at the bottom of her class as a 3rd grader in Taiwan. When later DWM ranked first 200th in the national high school entrance exam, DWM asked why her dad didn’t seem to worry about her extremely poor elementary school performance. He responded, “I have too much confidence in you to worry.” Not worrying about your kid when she’s at the bottom of her class in 3rd grade is utterly atypical of Asian parents. I’m grateful for that.


DWM got her “think outside of the box” & desire to help others thrive from both her parents. Here you can hear directly from both her parents. From their beautiful minds and ambitions today, one can develop a sense of how DWM was raised to become who she is today.


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