DWM meets WCI (in person)

WCI (White Coat Investor) gave a lecture at our associated medical school today, geared towards residents and fellows. One very important question he asked the audience was along the line of “what percentage of your income do you plan to

In My Near future, PGY2…

Intern year is on a count down! I have 10 weeks of internal medicine wards left, after which I will be starting my dream specialty: radiology. I recently had a 1 week elective rotation in radiology. A couple  pgy3 radiology residents

Debt free and Debt leverage

This series of posts is sparked by an ongoing conversation with my fellow radiology resident Bo Liu (no relation to me) of whitecoatmoney.com Re: student debt management and net worth accumulation. Our discussions cover many bases, so I will address individual key points in separate posts.  

Need motivation?

Need motivation to save more for retirement? Check this link out, “How does your retirement savings progress stack up?” For age 30-39 year old, the national stats are: Average Contribution Rate* 7% Average Account Balance $40,500   For age 30-39

These credit card offers do exist!

Time to let credit card companies cut you some slack on the relentless high interest of your student loans (6.8-11%)! 10 best credit cards rated by Credit Karma I personally have used SLATE, freedom, and discover in the past; glad to

Takes a village to raise a kid

“It takes a village to raise a kid”; I believe it takes a village to raise a family, which includes the grandparents, parents, and kids.   Traditional Chinese culture teaches whole-hearted reciprocation of love and care for our parents. Multi-generational

Debt Free Doctor on Kindle and Amazon!

Debt Free Doctor: Minimize debt for all. Guide to getting educated and debt free. (Volume 1) Paperback – April 2, 2015 by Amanda WU S Liu (Author) Available on Kindle and Amazon NOW. Purchase it via the below link!

Sharing $ sense with kids

After reading some of my posts, my 7-year-old daughter requested that I write a post about her sooner rather than later. I told her that I would like to complete writing the food series first. But on second thought, since I

hunting and gathering…food

Lots of money can be saved or even made by buying your food with some simple tips. Discount. like anything else don’t accept full price for food. meanwhile, balance this with “you get what you paid for” I’d rather spend

Helpful resources!

50 Smart Money Moves   8 Painless Ways to Save Money   8 Awesome Thrift Store Items People Often Miss Keep your eyes peeled for these valuable finds.    9 Financial Tools You Should Be Using These apps, websites and

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