Intern year is on a count down!

I have 10 weeks of internal medicine wards left, after which I will be starting my dream specialty: radiology.

I recently had a 1 week elective rotation in radiology. A couple  pgy3 radiology residents gave me wonderful advice and insights into my exciting future.


Perks of My Residency Program

  • Our radiology residency program has lots of research opportunities. Dr. Kalb, section chief of Body/MRI, has many research projects. Dr. Kuo in Nucs, too. These and mammography are 3 of the radiology sub-specialties that most interest me right now.
  • Our program will support residents up to $1000/trip for oral presentations of our original research. I’m looking forward to combining a family trip with presenting an original lecture at one of the radiology conferences!
  • Residents may request 4 wks of research time per year; highly productive residents have gotten 2 months of scheduled research during 4th year. (contact chief at end of pgy2 to request pgy3 research time.)
  • We are awarded $1000/year book fund to pay for radiology society dues and books. (E anatomy $60/yr is a good investment.)
  • Rad primer (boards question bank), Stat Dx are free to residents for boards prep.
  • A R4 (pgy5) has the option to do a year long Nuc/Pet fellowship. So I can technically get 2 fellowships by the end of pgy6. I like the combination of Nuc/Pet with mammography or Nuc/Pet with Body/MRI.
  • Ample opportunity to moonlight and boost income. (Fantastic to have, but may change and/or disappear.)



Timeline/goals of radiology residency

  • R1/pgy2:

Prepare for night calls during R2. Publish case reports on PubMed. By Dec., start working on original research project. By April, submit research articles/lectures for oral presentations. *request mammo rotation to be in early R2 if i want to apply for mammography fellowship. weekend calls rotation among my class, likely q9 weeks,  8am-4pm. join the rotation of baby-sitting scanner (contrast reaction) in evenings for additional income.

  • R2/pgy3:

Early in the year, give oral presentations at major radiology conferences. Survive and learn lots on call. March, start fellowship applications.

  • R3/pgy4:

Aug/Sept fellowship interviews. Mar-Jun study for boards. End of R3, take radiology boards. Moonlighting, tele-radiology 12 hour call or 24 hour weekend/holiday call.

  • R4/pgy5:

Nuc/Pet fellowship or a couple mini fellowships. Moonlighting, tele-radiology 12 hour call or 24 hour weekend/holiday call.

  • Fellowship/pgy6:

MRI Body fellowship or Mammography fellowship.


  • Are you excited about pgy2 or (your next year of training/career)?
  • What benefits does your residency offer?
  • What are your moonlighting opportunities like?


Comment below!

In My Near future, PGY2…
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4 thoughts on “In My Near future, PGY2…

  • May 3, 2015 at 9:12 am

    I’m very excited to start my PGY2! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see you around, I unfortunately didn’t get to see you while you were on your week of radiology after medicine.
    I’m not terribly sure what benefits I can look forward to, financial matters have never been my strong suit. Thankfully your site is incredibly helpful despite not being in medicine!
    Let this forever serve as confirmation that I DID get a link to this place and read your web site. 😀

    • May 3, 2015 at 1:19 pm

      hey, i’m sure we know each other!! remind me who you are… it just says L and exjedileader

        • May 3, 2015 at 7:09 pm

          lol, now i remember you 🙂
          those days of working hard on medicine wards and sharing delicious home-made food.
          hope all is going well and keep me posted!


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