2015 Milestones…

As everyone excitedly talks about holiday plans and we hit the half way mark of first-year radiology training, (overnight calls will be upon us in 6 months), it hits me that 2015 is coming to an end. 2015 has been a big year in many

In My Near future, PGY2…

Intern year is on a count down! I have 10 weeks of internal medicine wards left, after which I will be starting my dream specialty: radiology. I recently had a 1 week elective rotation in radiology. A couple  pgy3 radiology residents

Count my blessing

I am so grateful for the following, All my family members are relatively healthy (no one had extended hospital stays) My kid enjoys her school, where we live now, and is building new friendship. With her grandmother’s generous help, we have

Chasing after the wind…

As I look back on this past year… I realized that I have hit several financial milestones which prior to reaching them I thought would be deeply gratifying and liberating. They were indeed, albeit transiently so. May 2014: No longer

My American Dream

I remember visiting my aunt May as kid and staying in her mansion in the US. I was awed and stunned in many ways. Sitting at the pool side, with my feet dangling in the crisp cool water, I said

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