PSLF – Why REPAYE May NOT be the Best Plan.

PSLF – Why REPAYE May NOT be the Best Plan.

      [This is a guest post by Bo Liu aka Future Proof M.D., who runs He is a colleague in the field of radiology and a comrade in the mission of promoting financial literacy and empowerment among physicians.

RePaye vs. Paye vs. IBR vs. Refinance

RePaye vs. Paye vs. IBR vs. Refinance

      Dear MS4 around the world: Congratulations for coming this far! This is your match day/ early medical school graduation present from DWM. This chart will serve you throughout your residency & fellowship. I will continue to update this chart

Refinance Your Student Loans to as Low as 1.95%

    Recently, a friend of mine from Touro University- CA who’s now a practicing pharmacist refinanced her student loans with First Republic Bank (FRB) to a 15 year fixed 3.5% interest rate loan (she refinanced before the feds adjusted

Lowest Interest Rate in the Student Loan Refinancing Market!

        A few weeks ago, I learned of the best interest rates in the student loan refinancing market, from First Republic Bank (FRB). Reached out to them, here’s the scoop. More detailed post to come.   Instead of the 6.8% interest

YOUR “Personalized” Student Loan Management Strategy

      I have read and learned extensively on the topic of student loans, especially for someone who has wiped off all her educational debt as a PGY1. After learning all the factoids and nuances, loops and hoops, the

DiscoverIt Lent Me $3600 on NEGATIVE 31% interest for 15 months

shop with   and get cash back What is the highest interest rate you have been charged for borrowing money? For some of us, credit card companies might have caught us with 15-30% interest at one point in our lives (hopefully one got

Wall Street to White Coat: Interviews with Dr. Unger Part II

Wyatt Unger, M.D., M.B.A, is a 3rd year radiology resident at the University of Arizona.  Wyatt earned a B.A in Economics from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. from the University of Arizona.  Prior to pursuing a career in medicine, Wyatt

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