Email me at to get personal referral and get $200 bonus!
Email me at to get personal referral by DWM & get your $200 bonus!



A few weeks ago, I learned of the best interest rates in the student loan refinancing market, from First Republic Bank (FRB). Reached out to them, here’s the scoop. More detailed post to come.


Instead of the 6.8% interest rate federal government charges on student loans (class of 2014, federal interest rates of other graduating classes may differ,) FRB charges as low as 1.95% for 5 year fixed interest rate to refinance your student loans. 7, 10, 15 year loan terms available too.


You can see the federal student loan interest rates by year here.



These student loan refinancing options by FRB are available only in California plus a few other cities where FRB has branches: New York City, Boston, Portland (OR), Greenwich, and Palm Beach.


Anyone who’s interested in applying to FRB: just email me at or message me (or comment below) with your full name and contact information and I can refer you personally.


This way if your loan closes, you will get $200 towards your loan and DWM will get referral bonus too.

Lowest Interest Rate in the Student Loan Refinancing Market!

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