Girl Meets Boy: Sharing Dollar Value with Your Significant Other

My significant other grew up in a entirely different world from mine in many dimensions: cultural, social, economic, and psychological. I was born and raised in Asia, in a developing country. He was born and raised in the US, a developed country.

For those making the big bucks (becoming attending) this July!

You are in a wonderful position to take much greater control of your debt and build positive net worth much faster than anyone else still in training for the following reasons, your new pay is likely 4x to 5x more than what residency program

Awesome ways people have paid for their education

Since I started this site, many have shared with me ways that they have paid for their med school. I’ve asked a few people to write their success stories as guest posts, hopefully they will get on it and send

DWM’s parents

I love my parents. They’ve made me who I am from the day I was a fetus inside my mother’s belly. I would like to share a few wonderful things that my parents have taught me with their actions, words, and thoughts.

My Daughter’s Grandma

I met my daughter Mini’s grandma nearly a decade ago. To protect her identity, I will call her Nana.   From my first interactions with Nana, I learned how positive and compassionate she was. She has a tender heart for