FICO score simulator, awesome tool!

I recently found this tool available to me at my experian account. Pretty useful! Much of what I learned through years of experiences/self education are summarized AND simulated in this tool. Wished that I had this earlier, so I’m eager to

My Student Doctor Network Debut

I started a thread named “how to manage student debt” on SDN yesterday AM. It had been quite a roller coaster ride as I was initially received by lots of cynicism, animosity, and name calling… But because numbers speak for

My American Dream

I remember visiting my aunt May as kid and staying in her mansion in the US. I was awed and stunned in many ways. Sitting at the pool side, with my feet dangling in the crisp cool water, I said

If you don’t stretch your credit, it ain’t gonna grow.

Use it or lose it; my personal take on this idiom: stretch it and grow it. First of all, divide your credit history into “need it” vs. “don’t need it” phases. When you “need your credit,” you want your absolute highest

How I fixed my once BAD & SMALL credit.

I had bad credit once. Someone used my name to open an utility account in San Francisco and decided to leave a $3 balance causing delinquency. I was not aware of it until I pull my annual FREE credit report

Less is More when it comes to USMLE prep

In this day and age of information explosion, most of us have TOO many instead of too few study resources at our finger tips. Having too many resources is not innocuous, it actually can be detrimental to your success, as

Ground Rules for USMLE’s Prep

  Weigh your study time to “Get the Biggest bang for your buck” Review your baseline knowledge Disciplines You Rock: Disciplines that Rock You: *Disciplines include behavioral, biochemistry, embryology, microbiology, immunology, pathology, pharmacology, Systems (CV, endocrine, GI, hemoc, MSK, neurology, psychiatry,

Ground Rules for MCAT Prep

Weigh your study time “Get the Biggest bang of your buck”   One hour spent in Physical Sciences frequently yield greater score increase than one hour in Biological Sciences than that in Verbal Reasoning. In other words, the “bang of the

Growing net worth on high debt/income ratio: Principles

As promised from the last post, Take a financial snapshot (debt & asset denoted as D & A) of where you are NOW D: Student loan balance and interest rate D: Private loan balance and interest rate D: Personal loan balance and interest rate D: Consumer debt (credit card) balance and interest rate

*PGY 1-12: let’s positively grow our net worth NOW.

Some of the most amazing doctors I look up to have chosen to dedicate 8-12 years as doctors in training, after graduating from medical school. It truly is remarkable and inspiring to see someone on his/her way to complete the 32nd

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