Covid-19: What I’m doing to reign in anxiety

Yesterday Amanda’s college bestie, an intelligent and wonderfully warm man, kindly checked in on me. Our exchange inspired me. He said that he only reads 6 articles/listens to the news twice each week. Because he works in a hospital, where

I did it! I organized my arts and crafts supplies!

It only took almost a year (see: I’m Trying! — to organize my arts and crafts supplies dated, embarrassingly, 04/19/19) and the onset of self-quarantine due to a global pandemic for me to finish organizing my arts and crafts cabinets

I want to talk about Dr. Li Wenliang (李文亮)

First, a little background:   On December 30, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang messaged his classmates alerting them to what he referred to as “confirmed diagnoses of 7 cases of SARS.” It was not yet known that the cases Dr. Li

An Introvert’s Guide to Staying the F#$% Home

We know now that in order not to overwhelm our healthcare system and hospitals, anyone who is able to, should do their best to self-quarantine. Staying at home as much as we can is a matter of social responsibility to

Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper on Grief

I’m staying in as much as possible to do my part in helping to curb the spread of Covid-19. Found a YouTube gem today. Little silver linings.

14 unreleased Billie Eilish songs

Lyin’ 2 Ya 6.18.18 Because I’m in love with you Limbo Use Me (snippet) Another Stupid Song sHE’S brOKen Fingers crossed The hill True Blue If I can’t Bad company How do you see me? I don’t know, I just

A snippet from every book I read so far in 2020

I used to post a lot of first lines and final lines, but have fallen off since last year. I’m finally accepting that– for me– attempting to update on preset days (see also Poetry Ptuesday, which doesn’t even alliterate for

An abbreviated survival guide to gloomy, rainy days

Plant Stand Part 3 of 3!!!

Yesterday the saga came to a conclusion. Here is part one and part two of the snail’s pace progress I made over the last few weeks. I didn’t work on it over the weekend. It actually says Cambodian Rock Band,

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