It only took almost a year (see: I’m Trying! — to organize my arts and crafts supplies dated, embarrassingly, 04/19/19) and the onset of self-quarantine due to a global pandemic for me to finish organizing my arts and crafts cabinets in the basement.

always start with everything out, how else can we immediately sink into deep regret and self doubt?


Then I sorted and labelled everything


line the boxes up by weight, lightest going to top rows


at last, everybody back in

Here’s my key for where things go:

  1. top shelf/bottom shelf: empty, reserve for overflow
  2. lego build booklets, sorting trays/legos
  3. holiday decor/photo organizers, picture frames
  4. plarn boxes * 2/”gift wrapping” box, “ropes, tapes, and wires” box
  5. nail art supplies/board games
  6. nail art supplies/board games, puzzles
  7. canvases, coin sorter, sidewalk chalks/paper cutter, rubber mat, folding bed tray
  8. “fabric crafts” box, “pens, markers, and scraps” box/fabric boxes * 2
  9. puzzles/used journals
  10. puzzles/paper craft supplies
  11. paint supplies, easel/wedding presents
  12. fabrics boxes * 2/misc craft supplies boxes * 2

That’s all! Now looking forward to all the days of staying home and getting to play with these. Be safe, everyone!

I did it! I organized my arts and crafts supplies!
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