I’m planning a cross-country move for my parents. So why would I be organizing my house right now? Well Tamar, did you watch the show?

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Procrastinating on a chore with other chores is my very bread and butter.

When we first got my parents their apartment down the street from us, I migrated a lot of my arts and crafts supplies to their place, because I thought I’d be spending a lot of time there basking in their company and working on my lil nuffins. It turned out, chores and errands continued to run the day, and my mom never even taught me how to use a sewing machine! So guess where all those supplies have to go? That’s right, back in my house.

Here is everything that was not in the cabinets (the “underutilized storage” pictured) set out on the sofa, ft. Abbie who wouldn’t get out of the way.

Fear not, friends, per my “I’m trying!” (featuring an exclamation mark meant to denote excitement, not exasperation, seriously, how’s your head) series, I’m gearing myself up to try out my supplies, and will soon report back with results.

But first, I must organize, which will give me the chance to review what I have, and drive home the realization that I don’t need to consume more to start creating. So let’s see what resides in these underutilized cabinets:

Lizzie is judging this mess
she judges this mess too


I started out by taking everything out, and along with what was already out, grouping like items. Then I relocated things that did not belong. Dog things went to the dog cabinet, and the video game controller went to the media console. I gave away my squiggly pen holder. I love it because it’s so ugly, but then everyone refused to look at it much less use it, so it had to live in the cabinets, which is unfair to the life this beauty was meant to live. So I talked my dad into taking it, and, he promised, to feature it prominently in his new home. I also donated this puzzle that I’m sure I’ll never complete again.


FUN STORY: I finished the whole thing and found I was missing a single piece. I couldn’t find it so I dismantled the whole thing to regain our counter space, and lo and behold I FIND a piece? I had to put the puzzle together again immediately to figure out where it was the original stray or a subsequent, unrelated stray… I never want to see this puzzle again. Wow that is not a fun story.


Infuriating tale of puzzle gore aside, the next step here is understanding how much space each category I return to the cabinets needs and planning those spaces properly. Tune in again for progress updates!

I’m Trying! — to Organize My Arts & Crafts Supplies pt 1
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