The finale of Dancing with the Stars: Australia just aired. I haven’t seen the show but I know of one of its contestants this season, a very special Miss Courtney Act aka Shane Gilberto Jenek, by way of another hit TV show Rupaul’s Drag Race, which I have watched for years.

Courtney has already built up a strong and profound history of advocacy and education. Here is a clip of her being ya best pal and explaining some fundamentals:

You seeing this? Accessible, fun, intelligent and warm, and that is just a glimpse.

What I really want to bring up here, though, is one of her post performance interviews on the show Dancing with the Stars (AU).

So, again, and the whole thing, because it so bears repeating:

“You remember those times when you’re living in shame or you’re hiding something about yourself that you think you should be ashamed of and I guess it’s just a message of whatever benefit you think you’re receiving from minimizing a part of yourself, you have no idea how wonderful it is on the other side when you shine a light on that dark place and you live it.”


Happy Monday.

Motivational Monday — Courtney Act

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