2015 Milestones…

As everyone excitedly talks about holiday plans and we hit the half way mark of first-year radiology training, (overnight calls will be upon us in 6 months), it hits me that 2015 is coming to an end. 2015 has been a big year in many

My favorite credit cards!

There are as many credit card options as toothpaste flavors in the supermarket. The perks they offer, when you use them responsibly, can stretch your hard earned dollar and help you build net worth (pay off debt sooner/ leverage 0% interest

Christmas, a gift that keeps on giving!

Are you scratching your head for gift ideas? For most of us, we have everything we need. It is increasingly hard to come up with gifts that really add value to one’s life. Does my kid need yet another toy?

1 million for 1 dollar a day.

Does anyone other than yourself depend on your income? Do you have children? Do you have aging parents you wish to care for? Do you have a significant other you are supporting? In the event of death, do you wish to