Another Gem for The Day

“I accept my emotions and I allow them to serve their purpose.” – Tiana Major9

Good Things, New and Old

Today I’m going back to therapy for the first time since July of last year. I’m really looking forward to it. * Recently I thought of an old college schoolmate. When I was 20, I was struggling in a toxic

Motivational Monday – Lori Rudyk and her Buy Nothing Movement

Just a neighborhood gal pal in rural Canada doing something different, and right.

Good Internet – Girls of a Certain Age

Recently I found this website by the founder and former editor of Lucky magazine — Kim France. Upon discovery I immediately started binging her posts for an embarrassingly long time.

Thoughts for a Thursday: 10/04/2018

“Our art has no home in a place where we are not respected.” – Honey Davenport.

Website Round-Ups: Ethical Fashion, Global Style Picks

Website Round-Ups: Ethical Fashion, Global Style Picks

I shared a neat little coupon code from Threads for Thought I found in my email at the end of my post last week. That got me thinking.

Website Round-Ups: Agreeable Aggregates

Website Round-Ups: Agreeable Aggregates

Are slightly forced alliterations in or do they just make me look dorky?

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