Today I’m going back to therapy for the first time since July of last year. I’m really looking forward to it.


Recently I thought of an old college schoolmate. When I was 20, I was struggling in a toxic relationship and all aspects of my life suffered. One day, sitting in a large auditorium for a lecture, a fellow classmate walked in, stroller in front. I watched her sit down in the very first row, so centered she could touch the podium as easily as she could reach for her infant. And I felt, relieved, and understood, even though our circumstances were nothing alike. Seeing her, I felt recharged to take on anything, or at least get through class without pouting inwardly.


I got to know her better as we shared a few more, smaller classes. I learned that she was pursuing music for a career. Then we fell out of touch as I graduated in the winter apart from everyone and didn’t make any effort to stay in touch. Well, ten years later I suddenly remembered very vividly the young woman who walked into the 300 seat auditorium stroller first. I racked my brain for a name and found her on Instagram. I wrote a short message just letting her know that she’d been an inspiration to me ten years ago, and came into my mind again very recently and brought me a smile. To my surprise she messaged me back, and we chatted briefly. (Towards the beginning she wrote “I’m trying to recall you completely”, which, is such a beautiful phrase that will stay with me for a long time.) Long story short, as I’m traveling to California quite a bit now, I definitely plan to catch her performing live one of these days!


I sure am grateful for all the good things, new and old. Happy Wednesday, lovies.

Good Things, New and Old
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