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I try to virtual shop with only well defined objectives in mind (think “lacquered/patent pointed toe tortoise shell flats” well defined) because otherwise I would impulse buy my way into insurmountable credit card debt. Even so, I have to admit, some sites (and their apps) provide such a pleasant browsing experience that they will inevitably lure me away from my initial objective into a rabbit hole of random search terms and eventually just the on sale selections. They tend to be sites that search other sites for you because that generates the enormous volumes of content crucial to the experience of browsing mindlessly.

My top three (in alphabetical order the best order there is) are:


POLYVORE (psst: click on the image to go to the site!)


  • allows you to build sets so you can visualize a complete outfit, or, in my case, realize you’re coveting too many structured gray totes.
  • the filter by color on the app features a killer palette

polyvore app one polyvore app two

  • one click filters “just in” and “on sale” show you new or newly discounted merchandise


  • the app is portrait view only, making it impossible to use on my tablet with the keyboard 🙁
  • the filter by color option on the regular site is weak
polyvore web
this palette doesn’t have enough shades of gray


SHOPSTYLE (psst: ya know)


  • consistently best search results, surprisingly they tend to know exactly what I mean when I search “red acetate glitter cat-eye sunglasses with metal temples”
  • tailored shop, a new feature that lets you select your favorite brands and suggests brands with similar aesthetics based on your selection; supposedly this will also impact the search results it returns (which are already frighteningly accurate & specific) but I’ve yet to experience a noticeable difference


  • founded by PopSugar, which is a sad clickbait minefield of a website


SHOPTIQUES (psst: okay, okay, I’m done)


  • founded by a hardworking, smart lady – Olga Vidisheva, check out her Forbes interview!
  • merchandise description always includes complete fiber content along with a rudimentary guide to common fabrics
see? like this: 50% +50% = 100%
see? like this: 50% +50% = 100%
not like this: wool/polyester = ???
not like this: wool/polyester = ? (Step yer details game up, Saks!)
  • option to shop by boutique (handy if you know the specific store you’d like to shop at), or neighborhood (soo fun for browsing! What’s everyone wearing in Vancouver?!)


  • no app, yet.
  • occasionally the same item will be available from different boutiques, at different price points. this is understandable as it happens in brick and mortar stores also, so just make sure you price check before you buy!


Anyway, that’s it for me. See you next week, squirrel friends!

Website Round-Ups: Agreeable Aggregates
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One thought on “Website Round-Ups: Agreeable Aggregates

  • April 13, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    what an awesome post! one day when i feel the desire to go shopping i will definitely use these apps 😉


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