Starting Today: Salt Houses by Hala Alyan

I’ve shared snippets of this beautifully written, heartrending, monumental work before. But I’m reading it for the first time in its entirety, and I’m already in stupid love. “Well, you’re not here. Such is the ease with which one can

Poetry Ptuesday – Sculptor of Tyana by Cavafy (Translated by Rae Dalven)

“They must be made so light that / their bodies, their feet, must clearly show / they do not tread the earth, but run on the sea.

Shoes on Sale in My Size I Don’t Need – Farfetch

It’s Sunday and I’ve found a bunch of shoes I like but that I have no business buying. First up are mules. They never work for me and always cause friction burn on the top of my feet or hurt

Pet Appreciation Post: dog nephew Zai

Last week I was in California handling a new rental for my parents. Though I had to be away from my animals, a very special guy kept me company!                 Above is an