It’s Sunday and I’ve found a bunch of shoes I like but that I have no business buying.

First up are mules. They never work for me and always cause friction burn on the top of my feet or hurt the bottoms, especially on the sides.

I love a good black shoe with a little twist, but no can do


i’ve been really into an embroidered look, but no


these have the double sin of also being espadrille, a pokey, scratchy texture that so conveys “it’s summer!” but c’mon! at what cost?!


these are truly adorable and dainty but I haven’t found Jimmy Choos to be that comfortable and I’m not going to pay a dime to be uncomfortable if I can help it!


as much as I love velvet and a work boot and the juxtaposition here, I just can’t be this person


…also cannot be deadass cool cowgirl-mod. It’s just not in me
I fell over just looking at these for a second


these are so dang cool and so not me that if we starred in the same 90s teen sitcom, this inanimate object would take my lunch money and shove me in a locker


Whew, that felt good to unload. I’m glad I talked some sense into myself here instead of wasting money, but time to move on to more productive things than looking at shoes we shouldn’t buy.

Happy Sunday!

Shoes on Sale in My Size I Don’t Need – Farfetch
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