Remember the the High Yield Goljian Pathology Notes for Step I & II?

Here’s your High Yield DWM Notes & Flowcharts on personal finance for premed, MS, PGY, & beyond. Bon appetite!


Student Loan Management:

RePaye vs. Paye vs. IBR vs. Refinance

Refinance Your Student Loans to as Low as 1.95%

YOUR “Personalized” Student Loan Management Strategy

Best of Both Worlds: More Cash Now & Lower Costs

Student Loan Refinance 101

 Smart Credit Utilization:

DiscoverIt Lent Me $3600 on NEGATIVE 31% interest for 15 months

Acing Your Credit Score

My favorite credit cards!

Rainy Day Fund

Timing Credit Trough’s

Best of Both Worlds: How to Truly Maximize Your Roth Funds

If you don’t stretch your credit, it ain’t gonna grow.

How credit card companies compete to save me interest on student loans 🙂

#1 Financial rule I lived by in med school

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Do it right; so you need No forgiveness-Part II


Where to put limited PGY dollars?

Christmas, a gift that keeps on giving!

Net worth building steps in residency

How to increase my savings rate to 50% and more?

Numbers speak louder than desires…

Visuals (charts, graphs, timelines):

Financial goals & plans:

Template Financial Goals_Plans

REPAYE Case Studies:

REPAYE cases



Student Loan Management Overview for MS4 and beyond:

MS grad present DWM flow chart

Income Based Repayment vs. Paye as You Earn vs. Revised Paye as You Earn vs. Refinance:

IBR Paye RePaye Refi