It’s eBay time again

I’m starting to think auctions/limited time listings are not the format that work best for me, but I can’t give anything just one try so here we are. Bye now, kitty friends, you take care now.  

Return to Philly – the picture essay

Return to Philly – the picture essay

When I got back from California, urgent businesses awaited me! All this out of the way, next up for me is probably back to the eBay grind then 🙁

365 Days of Gratitude, Day 5, from the infirmary.

Today I grew rather under the weather again (fever of 102!), but I still have gratitude to express. I’m grateful I made my flight last night and could make my meeting today to move the project of our forever home

Plant Appreciation Post: Wall Mounted Ferns

Last summer, the lovely Mini helped me wall mount two of my ferns. Well first she accompanied me to Terrain where we picked up the beauties, then she helped me get them situated. So after she blessed them with her