Last summer, the lovely Mini helped me wall mount two of my ferns. Well first she accompanied me to Terrain where we picked up the beauties, then she helped me get them situated.

from July 16, 2018, time flies!!!

So after she blessed them with her beautiful smile, they went on to live on the wall of my pilot house powder room.

The leggy guy unfortunate was no happy with gravity? lack of humidity before I learned of my ignorant ways? And started to drop his straggly leaves one by one.

Luckily I saved a pup from him to grow in a pot because I was worried wall mounting would prove too much for his constitution.

in November 2018, the pup was all “cool, Imma grow you a little shield frond so you can get a taste of what I can do”

This leads us to iteration number two, in which I attempted to rescue Big Guy by putting him back in a pot and saving him from his fight with gravity/less than optimal growing environs.

Here we are in late November, 2 weeks after I noticed the The Pup’s shield frond, I says to him, I says, you’re ready for The Wall

Big Guy is still hanging on in that pot, albeit by a thread. But The Pup is doing AMAZING!

Here he is a month after mounting, in late December, growing a second shield frond


Another month goes by, in late January, even through the winter he’s doing his thing putting out FAT leaves


And here he is a week ago, look at him go! Stretching out!

Let us not forget his wall buddy: literally the coolest fern I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. After a long time of looking like he’s on the cusp of something great, a new leaf started to inch out, very slowly.

In fact it was growing so slowly that our first picture is from early January

For the longest time I couldn’t justify taking “progress pics” because I wasn’t sure if any progress was being made. But it looks like he’s come into the spring very ready to pick up the pace!


Here he is last week, putting out a another leaf!


Now that we’re all caught up here, nothing left to do but share a slightly NSFW picture:

the buddies during their twice weekly group shower 😉


Happy Thursday!

Plant Appreciation Post: Wall Mounted Ferns
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