When people want to know what I’m doing with this blog, I don’t have an answer other than “I hope something nice?”. I want to share things that are generous, good, kind, and positive. In short, I want to do something nice here, for Mini (and others).

Obviously I’m here for selfish reasons too. For one, I couldn’t let this place go. And two, I want a nice space for myself. Some days the internet doesn’t feel like a great place to spend my time. Some days it feels like I only come across negativity and spam that are poorly edited/written to boot. So I started to hoard the shiny things I like here. I cover books I’m reading, plants I’m growing, puzzles and more; I gather articles and poems and YouTube videos I enjoy. Because these things are nice.

But then I thought: You know what’s nice? Trying is nice! It’s good just to try, and the best way to try (and to keep at it) is to document relevant efforts honestly and in detail. Thus a new series– I’m Trying— is born and will soon make its true debut; but first, let’s break that down:


Trying my best is nice. My spending tracking and slow buy series already is in this spirit. I essentially create journal entries to hold myself accountable and to reflect on decisions I made as I pursue a fundamental change and track my progress. I can only know if I’m doing better (and striving for my best) if I consistently document my journey.

Trying out a different way is nice. This represents one new part of the series to come. I know I have not optimized my approach to many areas in my life. I want to tackle the worst offenders in this category, and journal my progress and setbacks encountered.

Trying something new is nice. This makes up the other new part of the series. There are a lot of things I’ve never tried before! Frankly, there are an inexcusable number of things, for which I’ve acquired all the requisite materials, which I never attempted. So I’m going to take on my (former) fantasy projects one by one and track my results here.


Happy Saturday, y’all, and stay tuned!

I’m Trying!: Coming Soon
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