Coming back here after significant time away compels me to begin again by reviewing my output up until the recent lapse.

First, I fell into some familiar bad habits from when I first took over in early 2017. I relied on other people (this time, the ever lovely Christina) for regular uploads of original content, and I myself only managed to share some snippets of what I was reading.

Second, I failed to keep up with the various series I started. I started them with the intention of having a formula to follow for regular, fresh content, but instead quickly was in over my head. I wrote about failing to keep up even back in July, in a convoluted effort to both avoid updating and (re)-commit myself to the task.

That’s my life in the blogosphere. In the life lived offline, while I was away, I:

  • bought land & finalized site plans for our forever home
  • naturalized as a U.S. citizen
  • lost 15 pounds through simple (but tough!) CICO

&… I married my favorite person. Life is so good right now. But it took work to get here, and it will take work to move forward. Here’s what I’ll be up to:

After completing slow fashion season 2019 in September (with the exception of a bespoke Karen Walker dress for my rehearsal + rehearsal dinner), I’m now more motivated than ever to continue on my path of lowering consumption and waste. I’m also making an adjacent effort to tackle my “resell closet”. My ideal timeline is to:

  1. have everything organized and ready to begin by January 1st
  2. give myself a year to offload inventory
  3. plan to donate whatever does not sell at the conclusion of 2020

Since getting my second dog almost three years ago now, I’ve relied on running my dogs around as my only exercise. Unsurprisingly as Lizzie exited puppy-hood, I gained enough weight to graze the ceiling of a healthy BMI. I’ve hit a plateau in my fitness and weight loss by changing my diet alone. So I am adding back real gym time into my routine to improve my health, energy and appearance.

In November I am returning to therapy after a year+ hiatus. I’ve developed some concerns regarding how I interact with my parents. I haven’t been calibrating my expectations well, which has hurt me and surely, them. I realized that though I sought help for my grief and loss when Amanda took her own life, I didn’t really stay in therapy long enough to address the new dynamics of sadly becoming an only child in adulthood.

After completing my online QPR training, I’ve begun to explore more suicide prevention training. My end goal is to volunteer directly with a crisis center that answers lifeline calls. I’m taking these steps slowly, to make sure that I am able, ready, and the best I can be for myself and those in need.

In addition to all of the above, I’m back to use this blog as a way of holding myself accountable. Onward, friends! To begin a new series of efforts!




A Series of Efforts
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