We’re still experiencing some minor technical difficulties on the back end. It turns out when Amanda first created this website, she utilized a platform intended for persons well-versed in coding, hosting, and site… creating? See I don’t even know what I’m saying. In any case, I’ve been frantically throwing money at every little thing that crops up, and likely getting bamboozled on occasion in the process. But oh well, we all have to make a living somehow.


I’m popping in to say that I’ve signed up for QPR– which is life-saving intervention training for suicide prevention– and you should too! I signed up for just the online seminar for now as I’m in the middle of wedding preparations. Once the wedding is done, I’ll be looking for a local in-person seminar. The difference between the 60-minute online course and 90-minute seminar is a what I consider vital 30-minute simulation with your fellow trainees at the end. It amounts to role-playing with one person acting as the person in crisis, and the other party addressing that crisis in hopefully a helpful manner.


This is a Shape article with more information.

This is the QPR Institute’s website, which you can use to find an instructor in your area, or sign up for an online course like I did.


Happy Wednesday, loves.

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