When I got back from California, urgent businesses awaited me!

Chief among them: the babies needed cuddling ASAP
In fact I was quite the hot commodity
I examined Wallace’s precious little paws
And gave some excellent ‘scritches too
Of course the dogs also had to have special treatment: for example “joining” us at dinner
We even started to make serious progress in the introductory efforts, at least with Lizzie that is 😐
Lizzie does an excellent job of playing possum/pretending to be asleep and inching closer to her new brothers
But ultimately she’s too chicken to make direct eye contact (I think she gets that from me)

(near) cuddles over, I installed this corner cat scratcher I got from Grocery Outlet for Heller & Wallace, thanks Steffi for showing me the glories that is a well-stocked Grocery Outlet!
The animals all settled, it was time to address the plant babies gifted to me by the most wonderful souls
Potted: two strings of dolphins from Ella, a string of watermelon from Corinne, and a Stephania from Steffi 🙂

And a variegated tradescantia pup Corinne snipped off for me to prop. (I tried to kidnap Bestie’s more established pup that was already rooted, but Corinne refused to budge)
Besides generous gifts, my other $0 garden plants come from seed saves. Pictured here is calendula (easy to grow annual with beautiful edible flowers) from my existing plantings (I once bought seeds 3 seasons ago).
Other saved seeds: butternut squash from groceries, morning glory from a volunteer plant on my roof deck, and shriveled strawberries from my 2 year old alpine mignonette

In other $0 plant/tradescantia news, I found this on the ground while walking doggos! (pro-tip: propagate your new pups with spider plant pups because they share their rooting hormones in the water!)

All this out of the way, next up for me is probably back to the eBay grind then 🙁

Return to Philly – the picture essay
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