Recently I found this website by the founder and former editor of Lucky magazine — Kim France. Upon discovery I immediately started binging her posts for an embarrassingly long time.

You should check it out too, and here’s a quick and dirty run-down of why I’ve rapidly become an avid fan:


  • France is price-conscious and she sets reasonable limits on what an item should cost. She also finds budget-friendly alternatives or dupes.
  • Like me, she often “shops” sales without making real purchases. I think this is a responsible way of indulging to a point.
  • Even though she founded and edited (for 10 years!) a very popular magazine, and most of her work has centered on fashion and its trends, her website has no derisive, mean-spirited style-shaming that I see so often elsewhere.
  • Even though she makes money through the website by linking items and earning commission on them, she doesn’t push items with way over the top praise the way some bloggers will do with a sponsor’s products. Her posts read like she’s casually musing out loud as she lightheartedly browses merchandise. They feel friendly and free of agenda.
  • The items she features are inclusive of all sizes.
  • Her categories are simple and streamlined. I admire the hell out of this because when I realized Amanda had created so many categories on here I was kind of overwhelmed. She encouraged me to make my own ones and I was very hesitant because frankly they seemed a bit of a mess. I definitely see the utility and value in a concise system.
  • I also enjoy France’s tagline. When I first saw it, I thought it was cheeky, in the “you know who you are, wink” style. But now I think it doubles as a positive affirmation, as in, “you know who you are” (being that you’re a girl of a certain age). I just adore that.


Lastly, and, a bit more personally, it’s nice to see that France began the website in 2012 and was posting very infrequently at first but slowly built up to the frequency and regularity she’s at now. I hope I will be able to work this blog back up to a respectable state too.

Well, that’s all I wanted to share, just a good corner of the internet I found.


PS. This is just the most relatable thing I’ve read: “I grew up in a warm environment, and as the years pass, I find myself increasingly unhappy with the reality that I now live in a cold one. Not unhappy enough to move, but unhappy enough to bitch and complain to anyone who will listen, all winter long. “… well, all winter long.

Good Internet – Girls of a Certain Age
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