Here are a list of things I don’t need to buy, and the reasons why:


Black leather booties: I already have black leather booties. But these look like they have better traction, past me protests. When I need traction, such as when the ground is wet, I probably shouldn’t be wearing leather anyway. Oh yeah, and these are leather, rude to cows. Next!


“I read that the formula was not clumpy but still satisfyingly thick”– past me. And? Me Today? “No thanks, I never wear makeup.”

I already have a Rhodia notebook I enjoy, which still has 3/4+ crisp, pristine pages to go. And no I don’t need to periodically check if it goes on sale so I can snag a spare. I can spend my time better than that.  

Great, another puzzle. “Honestly if nearly half of all your 30th birthday presents you received were puzzles, you probably have a problem. At the very least, you know you don’t have any business buying yourself anymore puzzles.”– Me Today.


Whew! That felt good!



Breaking up with My Amazon Wish List Items
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