…inspired by a wardrobe rack that my cousin Corinne built herself years ago (see her guest post on her trip to Italy here!), and it’s hecking hard!

This is her diagram for her wardrobe rack

This is my very first sketch done with no measurements, just as concept

With measurements of the space this piece is meant to fit, we arrive at the official first version
The boy and Corinne both pointed out the need for additional support, but this ended up being too much support
We skip a few alternate sketches where I tried deleting different bars, and arrive at this, the final sketch

The entire piece is 5 feet long by 1 foot deep and 6 feet tall. I’m excited to purchase materials and begin construction soon.

Although now I wonder if I should change the top of the small structure (on left) so that it would match the top of the right. Would that look better?

You guys, I’m trying to build a plant stand…
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