1. Buy tickets as soon as they’re announced from the band’s website. If you wait until the last minute like I did, tickets can be 4x their retail price on websites like Ticketmaster and Stubhub. 

2. Go early! Go as early as possible if you aren’t VIP because people line up before the venue opens. By the time we arrived, an hour before the show, the line was at least 8 blocks long. 

3. Use the bathroom before. If you leave during the show you’ll lose your spot. 

4. Don’t be afraid to get closer. Scoot your way to the front. If you’re in the back or off to the side and can’t see well, just push (or gently nudge) your way through. When we came in we could barely see on our tiptoes but by the fourth song we had moved our way up to the front five rows. 

5. Bring water! If you’re going to be jumping around for 2 hours you have to stay hydrated. 

6. Go with a friend! It’s much more exciting going with a friend to see an artist you both like. It’s a great way to have fun together. My friend lifted me up just so I could see during the show. 

7. Dress up but stay comfy. Jumping around in heels and constantly having to pull your shirt up or down is not fun. My friend and I wore vans with jeans.

8. Don’t record the entire time! There’s no point in looking through your phone camera if you’re there in real life! During one of the songs the singer asked us to put our phones down and just share the moment. 

9. Bring ear plugs just in case. If you’re really close to the stage the music might get distorted and damage your eardrums. The earplugs will filter the music and make it quieter. 

10. Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy the live music and dance, Dance, DANCE! 

I hope these tips and tricks helped you to be prepared for your next concert! Thanks for reading.

10 things I learned from my first concert

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